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How to hide skin imperfections?

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A beautiful, healthy and smooth skin is a dream of many people. Unfortunately, acne affects a large part of the population. It causes not only health problems, but also affects your well-being and the assessment of your own appearance. We want to hide imperfections and make them disappear under the makeup at least. How to do it effectively?


 - Acne skin is different from any other and should be taken care of skilfully. We suggest using a concealer for acne skin changes. It is applied in points. This is beneficial for the skin as it is not overburdened. At the same time, the corrector must be correct. One that not only hides the shortcomings but also heals them - says Ewa Wrzesińska, co-owner and director of marketing and implementation at Vipera Cosmetics.

The next step is light fluid. It should have adequate coverage and also provide skin care. Finally, do not forget to powder your face. This will provide a matte finish. - Rice-based powders smooth the skin - says Ewa Wrzesińska.

You cannot forget about care, because acne-prone skin is often dry, contrary to appearances. It is flaking and make-up may look bad on it. Each cosmetics should be properly selected for the skin type.

Skin with acne requires lowering the pH of the skin, preferably to a level of 4.0 - 4.5. Too alkaline, i.e. alkaline skin (PH over 6) - it is acne-prone, dry or oily, with disorders. Acne-forming bacteria are present on everyone's epidermis, and it is protective mechanisms such as acidity that prevent their reproduction and inflammation. With a pH of 4.5, you can sleep well without fear of the mirror in the morning. Moreover, alkaline skin is also more prone to wrinkles and is more susceptible to sun damage.