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What you should know about dogs?

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Animal specialists give us general guidelines on what to expect from animals, but like humans, most animals will have their own quirk. It is important to respect your pet's individuality. Don't try to do things that they clearly don't like. Remember that you don't have to be consistent with every animal - you have to consistently follow the rules and boundaries.

Only then will your pet know that you are the leader of the herd and that you should be listened to. This is especially important in the case of herd animals, i.e. dogs, which are the most numerous in Polish homes.

 Dogs are widely known to be affectionate and want to be close to their owners at all times. Some dogs, though (and Shiba Inus are known for this), prefer not to be petted or cuddled. If your dog doesn't seem to like being rushed, don't force him. Maybe she likes to spend an hour alone in a different room in the house every night. As long as he is not destroying furniture or digging a hole in the carpet, let him only have time to himself. It is important that the dog has its place in the house - its dog bed

Dogs bed

it is the asylum of every dog ​​- therefore it should be properly selected - the dog must know its place in the herd, which is why the dog bed is its place. Each owner should show the dog that the lair is his own, it is his asylum. In order for the dog to sleep in its lair rather than in your bed, do not teach him to sleep in bed! Show him that his lair is his place - that he is comfortable in it. Whenever a dog eagerly enters its lair - reward him - with a good word or a treat. However, never put treats in the lair - the dog will smell them and the lair may be destroyed soon. Make sure you take your dog to the lair whenever he tries to sleep in your bed or on the couch.

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