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Health and diet and libido

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Libido, or sex drive, is the mental representation of the body's internal sexual need. Need provokes specific forms of behavior. This concept was introduced by Freud, and according to Jung, it is a form of psychic energy, naturally occurring in every human being, turned inwards or outwards. In the classic sense of libido, the pursuit of bonding, self-preservation and the preservation of the species.


 Factors influencing a low level of libido

The decline in libido is an increasingly common problem in both women and men. Many see this as a "civilization" basis, others look for answers in the psyche, others in physiological conditions. There is probably some point in all of these claims. What can contribute to the phenomenon of a decrease in the level of libido? Stress and hard work - and thus - lack of adequate rest and regeneration, and improper nutrition. All of this together weakens us not only physically but also mentally. A weak and tired body does not want sex, so it does not send the right "signals" to the brain. Mental fatigue also has a very negative effect on libido. Complexes and upbringing also play a huge (negative) role - an inadequate way of "making people aware" at a young age can have serious consequences in the sexual sphere.

Depression and anxiety are becoming more and more common phenomena of "civilization". The constant burden of our mind with stress and fear for the future, a feeling of insecurity and confusion can lead to serious mental disorders, with depression in the first place. People affected by such ailments have a significantly reduced libido, sometimes they are even completely deprived of sex drive.

The diet is also important - research shows that obesity causes a significant decrease in libido - both through its negative impact on the health and general condition of the body, as well as the formation of the aforementioned complexes.

Hormonal disorders may also be the cause of decreased libido. The deficiency in the body of such hormones as estrogen or testosterone significantly reduces the sex drive.


How to prevent libodo decline?

The easiest way is to prevent the above-mentioned situations and effectively prevent them and mitigate their negative effects. The lifestyle is crucial - healthy eating, physical activity and effective rest can easily eliminate many of our problems, not only those related to libido. An organism in good physical and mental condition is naturally immune to many negative aspects of modern life. And the condition not only improves our sexual performance, but also allows us to get rid of many complexes. A healthy and well-rested body is much less exposed to stress and less prone to depression and other mental disorders.

Dietary supplements can also help. It is known that nowadays it is not easy to eat every day in accordance with the strict health requirements and it is not always possible to provide the body with all the ingredients necessary for health or sexual condition. They can be easily supplemented. Even 100% natural and safe substances, such as a combination of magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6. Or the extract from Tribulus Terrestris, a plant that naturally supports the production of testosterone. By themselves, they will not provide miraculous results, but when combined with a healthy and rational lifestyle, they can. They are also open to the public and inexpensive.