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Mistakes made in feeding children

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A child's body needs a lot of nutrients to be able to develop properly. At this stage of life, it is extremely important to balance the diet and provide the body with all the most necessary micronutrients. What are the most common mistakes made in feeding children? You will find out by reading this article.


Taking into account infants, the most common mistake is introducing new products to the children's menu too quickly. This long process should be well thought out. Children's digestive system continues to develop until the age of 2. During this time, they should not eat like adults.

Another problem is not keeping your meals regular. For example, many children do not receive breakfast on time or do not eat it at all. Meanwhile, it is the most important meal of the day and should be properly balanced and eaten in the morning, not at lunch.

Many parents believe that fast food such as crisps, sweets, pizza and other snacks can replace a child's meal. It is not a law. Nothing can replace a harmoniously arranged dinner consisting of products containing beneficial nutrients. Prepared meals and savory snacks should be as little as one percent of your diet, and may even be avoided.

It also happens that this type of snacks are treated as a reward for the toddler's good behavior or comfort. There is nothing worse than doing this. The child learns that sweets are a way to feel better. Growing up, she will reach for them on her own, which can lead to obesity.

A very common problem is that children are getting too much sodium and fats. Salt washes out electrolytes, which may cause problems for the child to disturb the water balance in the body.

At all stages of childhood, it is important for your child to consume a lot of calcium, and this is found in milk and milk products, among others. Therefore, it is important to provide your child with access to these products and introduce them to the diet from an early age.

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