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Own flat? Very likely

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Until 100 years ago, people used to live in one house with their whole families. No one could afford to build their own property and building materials were scarce.


Times have changed, luckily today is different. Most sane people cannot imagine living with their parents-in-law or parents and children tucked into the same apartment.

Real estate far from large urban agglomerations is relatively cheap. Almost everyone can afford the luxury of living in their own country house (as long as they find a job in the area). When we buy a house and have some funds left, we buy furniture. Shopping for your own home is a real joy. Tables, chairs, accessories, carpets, walls, lighting, accessories - we want everything to match, because we put it off for so long to save for our own apartment!

Undoubtedly, the luxury of your own apartment is no longer as unattainable as it used to be, but moving into a flat furnished according to your idea is still as enjoyable as it used to be. At the same time, own home is also a lot of work. If we want to save, we should do many things ourselves. Fortunately, there are suitable materials for DIY enthusiasts.
Thanks to this, we can actually have more money for other expenses and, moreover, achieve the satisfaction of creating something in our own home. It's not much, but it can make us identify more with our place of residence.

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