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Artificial and cardboard packaging

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For years, there has been an unresolved dispute between supporters of artificial nets and cardboard bags. Plastic bag advocates believe that the ecosystem will be fine by buying plastic bags, but environmentalists believe paper bags are much less harmful. I do not feel the settlement of disputes, because each side is, in a way, right.

The whole thing depends only on the attitude of society to the problem. If everyone is mindful of the rules, nothing will be undesirable to anyone.

It would be good to think about one more topic, and these are the types of packaging we use every day. The difficulty of a garbage-strewn world is not only due to the types of bags that are used. Everything now has its own nurseries - food, clothes, equipment. To produce each of the mentioned, various procedures are used, more or less poisonous to the environment. Therefore, as in the case of plastic bags, we are obliged to keep rubbish segregated so as not to generate littering. So what categories of packaging are in use?

Various packaging is made of various ingredients - so we can distinguish the packaging made of wood, paper, glass, plastic and fabrics. Each of them is used to cover a different type of article. They all have defects and values ​​that cannot be described at this point, however, it can be boldly confirmed that the most appropriate for everyday use are packaging made of substances that can be processed for reuse.
In my opinion, the most appropriate way when it comes to shopping are paper bags.
Gifts from companies in relation to clients are a well-known practice. Often there are bags with the logo of a given company - with this gadget, the image will transform into a more positive one, and a person or a company is successfully associated with an understanding of ecology.