Sunday, 24 March 2024 12:03

South Africa - Discovery of Superfood Coffee

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Mesquite Mesquite pixabay

In the remote village of Calvinia in South Africa, the mysterious plant, mesquite, has become both a problem and a solution. Thanks to Brandt Coetzee's innovative approach, mesquite has become the foundation of Manna Brew coffee, a healthy alternative to the traditional beverage that brings income to the residents.


Mesquite's Value in Cleansing and Nutrition

Mesquite, known for its invasiveness, has become a source of income for the local community and a tool in combating climate change. Coetzee, utilizing creative solutions, has turned a problem into an opportunity, providing healthier lives for residents while protecting the environment.

Discover a New Dimension of Coffee Consumption

In Calvinia, seeds are collected, processed, and turned into caffeine-free coffee, Manna Brew. The entire production process benefits the local economy, engaging local residents and promoting sustainable development.

Environmental and Social Awareness

Manna Brew is not just coffee - it's a symbol of connection with nature and community development. By turning a problem into an opportunity, the village of Calvinia serves as an example of how sustainable development can be achieved through a creative approach to environmental challenges.